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 about Irinadabo

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Irinadabo has been involved with photography as an artistic medium since 1990. In 2006, she studied at the former School of Photography at Schiffbauer Damm, FAS . Since 2007, she has studied under Michael Trippel and Rudi Meisel at the Ostkreuz School in Weissensee, Berlin.

Irinadabo discovered photography as a documentary tool while she worked as a make up artist.

Although her photographs were initially only used for archiving purposes, her view of the person and his ambivalence as a private individual vs an actor changes very rapidly. The photographer exploits the minute moments of coincidence that gives each picture a lightness of its own. Such striking images, not only of actors, have been produced for many years. In 2011 she became a student of Arno Fischer at the Ostkreuzschule until his death. She joined workshops from Anders Petersen, Alex Majoli and currently stayed in Workshops from Wolfgang Zurborn. In 2017 she became a student of Ludwig Rauch at Ostkreuz School.

Irina Tübbecke


14057Berlin/ Germany


2016 | Catalogue " Living Inventory" Group Exhibition

Series "Lost in Bogota"

2013 | Stadtaspekte Magazine  from the Series "Beside me"

2013 | Catalogue " SIEHSTE JEHT DOCH " Group Exhibition

Series "LA Times" 


2021 | "Mensch Arno, siehste.."   Hommage Group Exhibition  Treptow Ateliers Berlin

2021| "Listen to the Photographs"   Group Exhibition Pop up Room Hamburg

Rechenzentrum Potsdam

2017 | "Living Inventory"  Group Exhibition

Projektraum Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin

2016 | "The Real Theater of Life" Group Exhibition

Rechenzentrum Potsdam

2016 | "Filmriss"  Group Exhibition

Boulevard Berlin  EmoP

2013 | "Kleister Blue Monday"  

Hotel Bogota Berlin

2013 | "Kleisterweiber“ urban daily exhibition 

Kleister Berlin

2013 | "beside me“   Solo Exhibition   

Fenster 61 Berlin

2013 | "Siehste ,jeht doch!“  GroupExhibition 

last Masterclass  Arno Fischer  

Haus am Kleistpark Berlin

2012 | "Who are U“   Group Exhibition  

Playing with eels  Berlin 2013

2012 | "Inbetween Dialogues“  Solo Exhibition

 Hotel Bogota Berlin 

2012 | "bodenlos“  proof9 Group Exhibition 

Brotfabrik Berlin

2009,2010 | "Inbetween Dialogues“  Solo

Home Base Lounge  Berlinale

2010 | "Brot“                  Group Exhibition

Brotfabrik   Berlin

2009 | "Gemeine Orte“      Group Exhibition  

Brotfabrik  Berlin EmoP 


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